The Astonishing Head Reading Machine

Posted by [email protected] on May 23, 2016 at 10:44 PM

I went to this game middle a few weeks ago with my girlfriend, and as soon as we walked in, I was mesmerized by the astounding quantities of lamps and flashing and kids running around with red lighting on their shoes.

Effortlessly, walking into such an amazing game heart is a quite intriguing thing to do, however, once you realize that it's actually a secret laboratory from the CIA, then you might not have so much fun.

As I was wandering around in a state of frustration, I found this equipment that seemed to beckon to me like some kind of kangaroo that had escaped from the zoo.

I know this is a hard thing to feel, and I was having a hard time believing it even when it was happening, but before long I started to fall into the trance of self-deception.

The first thing I realized when I put my brain into that machine was that it actually doesn't hurt that much when you take your brain out of your head, as there aren't many nerve endings up there.

And before long, I was examining the minds of everybody else in the place, including my girlfriend who was wandering around without negotiation skills me.

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The funny thing was that after the initial pleasure of reading other individuals thoughts wore off, it got pretty uninteresting.

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The Key Of Endless Insanity

Sometimes the best times you have are when you are totally confused, and don't really know what's going on, which is just what happened to me a couple nights ago when I went to the improper pub in the wrong part of town by error.

I was supposed to meet up with them at this pub whose name I forgot, so I just kind of walked into the first bar I saw, thinking I might get lucky or something.

But it was my lucky night, or maybe my unlucky night depending on exactly how you look at things, when I looked inside the club and saw they had a wizard performing, and he asked me to be the volunteer.

At first I thought it would make for a fun story to tell my buddies when they finally showed up, but remember, this was not the pub I was supposed to be in, which is exactly why this story might not have a happy ending.

What happened was when the kangaroo's mental faculties was switched with my human brain, I started to consider like a kangaroo, all the way up to a point where I might be finding some berries and pineapples in the middle of the pool or something. But, of course, that doesn't make any sense.

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And my buddies never did show up, and here I am still hopping around with the mind of a magenta kangaroo in my head, and it's pretty crazy, to say the least.

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Get Influence For Appealing Persuasion

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